Namaste means “the god inside me salutes the god inside you.”


Namaste Korea dreams of a world where diverse cultures respect one another and coexist


We aspire to shine light on universal human values—to discover what everyone would find priceless—

by promoting cultural exchange between the Himalayan culture and the world.



Founded in 2007 to support Himalayan people in need, we were registered as a non-profit organization in 2011. 

We engage in research on the Himalayan culture (particularly Nepal), education, international exchange, volunteer work, 

and emergency relief, in addition to various activities such as raising awareness on multicultural issues in Korea, 

educating on Korean unification, and working towards correct history.



Namaste Korea promises… 

- The Board of Directors, including the Chairman, will receive zero payment through the NGO.

- Namaste Korea will dedicate 70% or more of designated donations toward operation expenses. 

  (Most other organizations use 20-30%)

- Namaste Korea will establish and operate medical and technology center in Nepal; host Nepal Cultural Festival 

  (film festival, photo exhibition, art exhibition, etc); and establish Nepal Himalaya International School in Korea. 


■ Main Office: Room 202, 90 Changgyeonggung-ro 35da-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal code: 136-824) 

■ Telephone: +82 70·7566·8112 

■ Email: namasteko@gmail.com

■ Hwasung Office: Hwasung Education Site, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 

■ Andong Office: Eoulnoori Co., Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

■ Nepal Office: Namaste Annapurna, Pokhari Gau - 8, Dhampus, Nepal


Board of Directors


Mission and Logo


To realize a community development model of living together with Himalayan people



1. To assist the settlement of Himalayan people in Korea

2. To raise awareness on multicultural issues and educate Nepali children in Korea

3. To enhance cultural understanding and exchange between Himalayan countries and Korea

4. To support the community development of Himalayan countries




The logo embodies a young Korean worker who put his hands together with a bright, clear smile, greeting “Namaste!”

It also implies that we respect Himalayan people like us.




2007    2007.08.15 Visited Nepal & launched Namaste Korea’s first donation project 

2011    2011.04.30 Set the statutes of Namaste Korea & had a foundation meeting 

           2011.07.18 Approved as a non-profit incorporated association by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

           2011.09.06 Registered as a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

           2011.09.30 Approved as a Designated Donation Organization by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

2012    2012.04.03 Approved as a Student Volunteer Organization by the Ministry of Education and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education

2014    2014.04.01 Registered as a volunteer organization by the Volunteer Managing Center of Seoul

           2014.04.14 Received the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Award for the 2014 Community Multicultural Program Contest

2015    2015.05 Participated in emergency relief activities for Nepal earthquakes

           2015.09 Constructed “Dream Center” in Nepal (on-going)


Programs and Activities


Multicultural Programs

● 2013.03.01 – 11.30 “Multi-culture in Community Project” (supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)

     · Nepali multicultural teenager reinforcement program; Nepal Academy and Camp 

     · Nepali language and Korean culture education for Nepali immigrant children

● 2014.05.11 – 11.30 “Multi-culture in Community Project” (supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family) 

    · “Asian Multi-culture School” 

    · An education program for integrated understanding between multicultural families and non-multicultural families, 

      including art play and multicultural journalism activities

Education Programs

● 2012.10.09 – 10.11 Seoul Peaceful Unification Education 

    · Lectures by Jae-Jeong Lee (former Minister of Unification), Venerable Pomnyun Sunim

● 2013.11.02 – 11.03 “History for Today’s People” 

    · Lecture for teenagers on occupational and historical views in various fields

● 2014.02.01 – 02.28 Art therapy for children

    · Art therapy program for low-income children

● 2014.08.12 – 11.30 Teenager program (supported by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)

    · Education and content creation on Korean history, culture, and art

    · “Korea Movement School”, an non-governmental diplomacy academy for teenagers

Volunteer Work at Nepal and India

● 2012.10.01 – 10.12 Volunteer work in oriental medicine and traditional games, Beni, Nepal (supported by the Ministry of the Interior) 

● 2012.10.01 – 10.12 Primary area survey, Beni & Dhampus, Nepal (supported by KOICA)

● 2013.08.02 – 08.14 Secondary area survey; Korean language and culture education (pro bono publico), Dhampus, Nepal

● 2013.08 - present  Teacher recruitment for Shree Aadhikabi Bhanubhakata Primary School

● 2014.05                Preliminary area survey, Ladakh, India

● 2014.07.27 – 08.06 Korean language and culture education (pro bono publico); medical volunteer work; 

                             promotion of “Hallyu” (Korean wave), Ladakh Leh, India (supported by the Ministry of the Interior) 

● 2015.07.27 – 08.03 “Planting Hope in Dhampus, Nepal” (supported by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration)

                             Korea-Nepal cultural exchange, medical volunteer work, educational volunteer work

● 2015.12.19 – 12.28 “Planting Hope in Dhampus, Nepal”

                              Korea-Nepal cultural exchange, educational volunteer work, “Dream Center” construction